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Heather Wickern

New Author

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Avemorae (2024)

The Avemeara Chronicles Book 1

        Princess Eurella Aventine Galastrian is set to inherit her father’s throne and be Queen of Avemeara, a title she does not want. As she approaches the time for her proficiency exam, a test given to all fifteen year olds to determine which magical gifts they have been blessed by the gods with, Eurella grows nervous that she will be Ryvox, powerless, like her older brother, the former crowned prince, Kavar.

       As her exam grows near, Eurella begins to receive visions in her dreams, a symptom of Mystic power, about a horrible and bloody war. Will she follow the vision’s warnings and help to stop the war before it begins? Or will she be trapped running a kingdom she loves?  

       Her Mystic dreams show her a mysterious Elf girl who begins to glow and has flaming, white-hot eyes. This stranger assists Eurella in her plight against the impending war and Eurella finds herself longing for the ability to leave her home and find the Elf.

       When a giant Avemorae, the Golden Phoenix of legend, shows up at the palace and bonds Eurella as her sister, Eurella has no choice but to leave home in search of the Elf.

       Will Eurella be able to find the girl before the war begins,
or will she doom her kingdom and world to ruin?

Book 1 Avemorae 4_edited.png

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This book is amazing. Heather brought the characters to life, the story has a great pace that you just want to keep reading. The story is intriguing especially with the world we live in. It's a great read!

-Beth R.

Loved this book.
Great imagery, I could see the desolation after the attack, smell the Texas dust on a hot summer day, feel the confusion and desperation of Viv and Dax as they try to find their family and figure out the new life.
Great, compelling characters and the story was so well written, I couldnt put it down. I found myself cheering for Viv, and hating Major Dvorak, trying to figure out Chester and the Directorate.
I am excited for this new author, and cant wait to see what she comes up with next.

-Melissa H.

This book was fantastic. The author brought the characters to life. She created a realistic story that I was able to visualize in my mind. The story had a great pace and was interesting enough that I didn't want to put the book down. The story was believable and gives you something to think about. The ending was wonderful! Looking forward to reading more books.

-Amazon Reader

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About Heather

Heather Wickern is a stay-at-home mom with five growing children: two handsome boys and three beautiful girls. She has been married to her longtime sweetheart, Josh, since 2005.

While she enjoys many different hobbies including singing, playing the piano, teaching private voice lessons, gardening, dog breeding, chicken keeping, canning, and crochet, Heather has always loved reading and  writing since she was in grade school. She is a true jack of all trades and master of none!

Heather, Josh, and their five children, five dogs, seven cats, and innumerable chickens currently live in South Central Idaho. They love the cool winters, warm summers, and quick access to a plethora of fabulous outdoor activities.

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