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The Directorate (2023)

A Novel 

Horse trainer and high school junior, Vivienne Gureau, finally has the attention of the boy of her dreams: next-door neighbor and her brother’s best friend, senior Daxlin Craig.
When a terrorist group known as The New World threatens their calm ranch life, toppling countries and governments around the globe, Viv and Dax join up with the renowned Directorate in an attempt to stop The New World in their tracks.
But when they’ve lost so much and the conspiracies run deep, can they hold on long enough to find peace?
Or will they lose each other too?

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The Avemeara Chronicles Book 1


        Princess Eurella Aventine Galastrian is set to inherit her father’s throne and be Queen of Avemeara, a title she does not want. As she approaches the time for her proficiency exam, a test given to all fifteen year olds to determine which magical gifts they have been blessed by the gods with, Eurella grows nervous that she will be Ryvox, powerless, like her older brother, the former crowned prince, Kavar.
       As her exam grows near, Eurella begins to receive visions in her dreams, a symptom of Mystic power, about a horrible and bloody war. Will she follow the vision’s warnings and help to stop the war before it begins? Or will she be trapped running a kingdom she loves? 
       Her Mystic dreams show her a mysterious Elf girl who begins to glow and has flaming, white-hot eyes. This stranger assists Eurella in her plight against the impending war and Eurella finds herself longing for the ability to leave her home and find the Elf.
       When a giant Avemorae, the Golden Phoenix of legend, shows up at the palace and bonds Eurella as her sister, Eurella has no choice but to leave home in search of the Elf.
       Will Eurella be able to find the girl before the war begins,
or will she doom her kingdom and world to ruin?

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The Avemeara Chronicles Book 2


        After months of searching, Rell and Cazya have finally found the mysterious Esparsic Elf from Rell’s Mystic dreams. But they are shocked and disappointed when the dreams suddenly, and unexpectedly, stop.
       Where do they go from here?
       After a horrible tragedy and an unexpected surprise, Rell’s dreams begin again. The trio heads to Valgus Monastery, home of the largest library in Vinallé to search for their newest mysterious stranger: a monk with a background in weapons training.
       A handsome monk with a background in weapons training.
       While waiting for their weapons trainer to arrive, Rell and her new friend stumble upon a frightening revelation that will end in a choice between life or death.
       Will they meet the handsome monk with the flaming eyes and glowing skin before their new threat grows stronger?
       Or will the group meet their end?

Book 2 Valgus 4_edited.png

The Dolori

The Avemeara Chronicles Book 3


        After their harrowing escape from the clutches of the evil Ascendi, and their rescue by the monks at Salaskine, Rell and Fern find themselves face to face with the men from their dreams.
       With Cazya and Fern injured, they choose to stay at Valgus Monastery until they are healed. Rell wants to start her weapon’s training with the mysterious and handsome monk she’s seen in her visions, but he refuses to train her. Frustration drives them further apart.
       When a group of refugees from Saylin arrive at the monastery, fleeing from the horror that is left in the wake of The Ascendi’s bitter retreat, they are greeted by a familiar face.
       But, when The Ascendi return and attack the monastery again, Rell, her friends, and the monks are forced to flee over the mountains and into the unknown country of Süron.
       Rell begins to dream of a beautiful Elf Shaman with blue skin and eyes of fire as they travel through burned villages, burying the dead left behind by the pillaging Ascendi.
       Will Rell’s visions lead them to victory, or will they be trapped by The Ascendi and lose the war before it’s truly begun?

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